Melanie Kate Moretti
June 23, 1994 - December 12, 2009

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On December 12, 2009 Melanie Kate Moretti was killed by an alleged drunk hit & run driver.  (As of July 29th, 2011 were no longer have to utter the word alleged we can now say convicted.)  On May 8th, 2010 a dinner was held in Melanie's honor.  Forget-me-not seeds were tied to 200 balloons and let go that night.  We are hoping people will find and plant the seeds in her memory.  If you have any message about the seeds of to just let Melanie know you are thinking about her please visit the Guest Book.
It has been over a year since she was taken from us and there are many stories of seeds found and "Good Deed Day" stories in our Guest Book section.  We have made the 12th of every month a day to do a good deed for a stranger.  We want people to always remember
that she is gone but the love she left us with inside of us remains. 
Please remember that drinking & driving does kill innocent people.
You never think it will be your loved one but this time it was ours.  Fifteen is way too young to be taken.  In
the words of Melanie's mom, "Cherish
your children."
Thank you and to our firefly........we will see you again. 
UPDATE Michelle Knapp was found guily and sentenced to 7 years but has to only serve a two year minimum.  Please see the LINKS section of this site for full details.


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